A mobile browser that pays back

04-12-17 Trenchtown for Paul Kenny-38-Ed

An Android browser with subsidised mobile data

Earn mobile credit while you browse

The cost of mobile data remains unaffordable for many people in developing countries. Seercha aims to make internet access more affordable for users using advertising. By viewing ads while using the Seersha browser, customers can earn mobile credit to use for mobile data or voice.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Seercha work?

Most websites and mobile apps earn money from advertising. We give some of the money that we earn from advertising back to customers in the form of mobile credit which they can use to stay connected for longer.

How do I get it?

You can download Seercha from the Google Play store today.

In which countries does Seercha work?

We're currently working on deals to make the Seercha service work in a number of countries across Africa and Asia


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